Now the dust has settled…

Well now the dust has settled and I’ve had a chance to get my breath, how was that?!

The all new, organically modified, Salvation turned in a muscular, rockin’ half hour set as they returned to the public stage for the first time in 16 years supporting the March Violets at Leeds Metropolitan University on 8/12/07.

2007 Homecoming flyer - front

Lined up alongside George, Danny, and Ben, were young guns, guitarist Paul and bassist Jason, members of Leeds finest, King Tonka; (whilst Jason also once played with the dirty rock machine that was La Costa Rasa)

The latest version of the beast saw Danny in fine voice as 400 odd young, and not so young, bodies cheered on the musical hit machine.

The enthusiastically received half hour set, that saw the years roll away, comprised:

The Answer
(Clearing out The) Debris
She’s an Island
Sunshine Superman
Puppet Master
Diamond Child
All and More
Listen to Her Heart

Massive thanks go to the March Violets for the invite to play and the impetus for this gig to happen. Also to Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Chris Reed and 25 Men for all helping to create a great, ego-less day.

The Met crew and Gary Weight should also be congratulated for all their hard work that contributed to the smooth running of the event.

And MOST CERTAINLY THANKYOU to Paul and Jason for helping make the impossible happen, in a most alarmingly impressive way!

Almost as exciting was the the Met’s bar which saw many accquaintances renewed and friendships reforged.

A splendid night all round!

So, whilst my Crystal Ball does not forsee a 50 date European tour in the near future, gentle pressure in the right direction might help our case for a jaunt to Whitby. You know what to do!

Eve xx