RIP James Kenyon

We are sad to announce the recent death of James Kenyon, original Salvation bass player.


James was a ‘one off’ and probably missed his calling – he would have fitted well into Jane Austen’s world as the slightly edgy and mysterious new arrival in polite Society. As it happened he ended up in the twilight world of mid 80’s Leeds as a slightly edgy and mysterious new arrival on the music scene.

Not without his demons, there was always a twinkle in his eye… but let Danny tell it as it was:

I first met James ‘Elmore’ when a friend suggested we should get together for a ‘jam’. I had synths, he played bass and we both liked Lou Reed and Cabaret Voltaire!

From early on, he was a kind and generous friend and the rehearsals were always ‘relaxed’… more ‘social’ than about hard work!

As things progressed, we would carry our amps, mics, a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a bass (on the bus!) to an old church on the edge of town.

Eventually, James got his own flat and what would later become Salvation would meet there, press ‘record’ and practise for hours on end! Finally, we were ready for our first gig at Leeds University’s Tartan Bar on 16.03.85. James went on to play another 30 gigs with us!

We also recorded together several times; including Salvation’s debut 12” ‘Girlsoul’ for Merciful Release and the elusive ‘Clash of Dreams’ album.

His drive and enthusiasm pushed the band forward and so without him, there would be no Salvation. Simples.

As long as Salvation are playing (…and they are!) he will be remembered and missed.

R.I.P James, say Hi to Mark Mason from us.